Indianapolis International Airport (IND) accommodates 150 flights each day, carrying 7.2 million passengers yearly to and from the Circle City. With one of the newest airports in the United States, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better introduction to Indy than Indianapolis International Airport. The terminal boasts streamlined check-in and security screening areas, moving sidewalks, and a civic plaza which features stunning public art and lots of dining and shopping offerings. This award-winning airport is conveniently located off of I-70 and is just a short 15-minute drive from downtown Indianapolis.

On the first floor of the attached parking garage, you will find the Ground Transportation Center. This is where you can receive information about limousine, shuttle bus, hotel courtesy vehicles, and other transportation services. Eight rental car companies operate from this location and all pick-ups and drop-offs of rental vehicles occur here, eliminating the need for shuttling customers to and from individual companies’ remote processing facilities.

Public Transportation

Indianapolis does not have an underground or elevated train system and relies instead on a system of buses with the name, IndyGo. An online trip planner is available to help you navigate the 30 fixed city bus routes. The Green Line Express airport shuttle makes stops near eight downtown hotels (daily, 5am – 9pm, Visa and Mastercard accepted on board). IndyGo has fixed-route fares for a single ride or a day pass option. For more information about IndyGo services and prices, visit

  • Taxi Service: The city of Indianapolis licenses more than 30 taxi companies that are available around the clock. You will have to call a company or go to a location where the taxis form a queue. Many will queue at major hotels and attractions.
  • Bicycles: The Indiana Pacers Bikeshare ( provides bikes at stations around the city that you may borrow for unlimited 30-minute trips. Kiosks are placed at or near popular destinations and attractions, including many along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.
  • Share cars: With up to 200 locations and 1,000 charging stations, BlueIndy offers approximately 500 all-electric cars for use around the city. The rides are available 24 hours a day and come with GPS systems. Simply join BlueIndy (, pick up a Bluecar at any station, and return to any other BlueIndy station. BlueIndy is there for all your quick trips, and you pay only for the time using the vehicle. Your drive can be one-way or round-trip, 24/7 pickup anywhere, return anywhere, on your schedule, ready when you need it. No fees for fuel, parking, maintenance, or insurance.